One Product does it all!!

Do you want to spend more in the saddle?

Are you tired of having multiple expensive products to maintain your cycle?

You come back from a ride but can’t be bothered with all the effort of getting the hose, bucket and sponge out to clean your bike?

Then you NEED the number 1 product for Cyclists! Vulcanet de-greases, renovates, cleans, polishes, pro-tects & lubricates in a single wipe. Vulcanet saves you an incredible amount of time, and money.

With Vulcanet you can :

  • Degrease
  • Remove Bugs & Tar
  • Wash
  • Wax
  • Polish
  • Protect
  • Lubricate Working Parts
  • Clean Accessories (Cycle Computers etc)
  • Apply a Dirt & Water Repellent Coating
  • Clean Helmets, Armour, Gloves, Luggage
  • Clean Trainers, Rollers and Stands
  • AND MORE...

All you have to do...

  • Unscrew the lid from the tub.
  • Remove the aluminium foil.
  • Remove the cloth from the centre of the roll.
  • Using the white cloth, clean the surfaces in parts, and leave to act a short while if necessary. Use the BRUSH TOOL included in the tub for hard-to-reach parts. Vulcanet immediately lifts and captures all dirt, greases & impu-rities without scratching the surface. The Vulcanet cloths remain useable as long as they are moist. Vulcanet is safe to use on Paint, Metals, Rubbers, Carbon, Matte surfaces...
  • When the surface is clean, use the Technical Microfibre, lightly and briskly to buff the surface.


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