Mark Widdows

My Harley loves it, best product on the
market by far !

Shane Wright

I'm sorry but nothing will ever come close to vulcanet!

Parkitt Performance Motorcycle Racing

Once in while a new product comes along that blows you away. This product had to be seen to believed so much so we didn't believe them so invited them to workshop to demonstrate it on some MINGING bike we had in - and it blew us away! Check out Vulcanet Bike UK as one of the best Bike / Car / Plane / Boat cleaner on the market!

Amazon Customer

This is great for me because I don't have a water source where my motorbike is stored. As a keen automotive detailing enthusiast, I was sceptical about using the product on the bike. But after seeing the wipes being tested at Motorcycle Live last year, it made me realise that this is brilliant to keep on top of bike cleaning without damaging paintwork.The wipes are versatile - I use them on the bikes chain, my lid, boots, tyres, glass, plastic... Wipe, then buff with cloth (that comes with the tub) and it really brings up a shine.

The tub that takes up less space on the shelf than the equivalent amount of products required to achieve the same result! Can't go wrong - highly recommended.


J. McDonnell

Bought these as an impulse buy at the motorbike show. I am so glad I did. I used one wipe to clean my bike down from top to bottom after getting caught in heavy shower on yucky wet muddy winter roads. They are so easy to use and can crumple up to get into all the little nooks and crannies. Even did the wheels. After using the Vulcanet wip went over with the microfibre cloth provided and voila!, bought the bike up like a new pin. I shall use up all my other cleaning products (coz I'm a tight arse) but once they are gone I'll never buy any other cleaning product again except for these. Goodbye endless dirty rags. Highly recommend.

Des Moore

Best cleaning product bar none I have ever used

Andrew Chalmers

Been using these for a few years now ! Absolutely brilliant !! Saves u loads o time & makes a smashing job !!! (thanx Vulcanet)

Alain Rowlands

Just cleaned my trike for the second time with Vulcanet, outstanding results and it was indeed easier the second time as the protection was in place from the first time. I could not recommend this product enough. Save time and produces stunning results every time.

Sarah from United Kingdom

I bought this at the NEC Bike show last year and only just used as getting out and about on the bikes ago.. OMG how easy is this to use and it removes everything then a quick polish up with the cloth and all done. Does exactly what is says on the back and my husband who watched skeptically is now also sold on them!

Vincenzo Mauriello

I used one wipe the other day to do my whole bike to get the crap of off from riding in the rain. Took me 5 mins and was a damn sight cleaner and shiny too! Love it.

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